Past events

Rock Painting

Your little ones can enjoy fun activities with other children their age with arts and crafts to spark their creativity. They'll be in the care of our experienced counselors while you set aside some time for your own rejuvenation of mind.

Little Volunteer

Kids can cultivate a love for service through volunteering to help with things like passing out the alms offering food set and helping to sort out alms food items. It's a great way to engage with the rest of the community!

Family Events

On special occasions like Mother's Day and Father's Day, we have family bonding activities for parents and children, including writing notes, and traditional Thai practices like offering flowers to parents to express love and gratitude.

Shining Stars

Just as tiny stars can lighten the sky. Our kids can brighten this world by training their mind with meditation. Shining Stars is a weekly program that aims to reinforce positive relationship between parents and children.

Families are encouraged to share a moment of joy and meditate together for 10 minutes before bed time and earn the benefits of meditation.

The program will be posted on the last Tuesday of each month.